5 Situations When You Should Test Your Home's CCTV System

28 December 2018
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You may have heard of situations where a security system fails to work in the event of an active threat. Cases of poor weather or power surges may cause your security system to operate in an incorrect manner. You can prevent such unfortunate occurrences by being prepared in advance.

By proactively testing your security system, you'll be able to detect any issues and avoid being subject to security threats. Here are 5 situations where you should carry out a test on your CCTV system.

1. After experiencing inclement weather

After heavy precipitation such as rain, snow, or hurricanes, you should carry out a thorough test of your CCTV system. Start by ensuring that all cameras, alarms and sensors are completely dry. Wet devices can easily trigger a short circuit and damage your system.

Next, test all alarms to ensure that they trigger under the right conditions. You may wish to notify your neighbours of the test so they don't panic unnecessarily. Don't forget to check your security cameras to ensure that they're recording footage as necessary.  

2. Before leaving for a trip

As a safety precaution, you should also test the security system before going on a trip. Your security system is the first line of defence against possible intruders while you're away. Therefore, test all sensors, alarms, and cameras to ensure that they're working as expected.

If you have smart features integrated, check that you can access them right from your mobile device.

3. After any maintenance work is done

If you recently had your plumbing repaired, gutters installed, or floors replaced, you should test your CCTV system to ensure that nothing was affected. It only takes one loose wire to cause a faulty alarm that won't trigger if a threat occurs. And if you're using a smart system, have it tested any time you change your internet settings.

4. After a threat is detected

If your security alarm recently went off and scared away an intruder, have it re-tested to ensure that it maintains the same level of effectiveness. Some systems may need to be re-tuned after being triggered by an active threat. You may also wish to adjust some settings in light of the threat that you faced earlier.  

5. After a home renovation

Did you recently have your home remodelled? Heavy construction work can result in modified electric cabling, changes to camera angles and movements in sensors around the home. After remodelling work is completed, have the security system thoroughly tested for full functionality.